Thursday, August 2, 2007
Moving to Mac
Watch out world - my youngest brother is now behind the wheel of a Toyota Celica, which just so happens to be my dream car since childhood. I, however, will most likely never drive least not very far.

Why? It is manual transmission.

Oh yes, I have learned to drive a stick shift several times; but because I have never owned such a vehicle or driven one regularly, I just can't seem to get the hang of it. It is not natural nor comfortable to me.

Having used Windows-based machines almost exclusively since my first introduction to computers, I feel confident and secure in operating one. I have used Apple computers on occasion to do some graphics, audio, and video editing projects, but I have never felt entirely comfortable working in the Macintosh environment. Hopefully, that will change, as I have recently purchased a MacBook.

Why did I leave the familiarity of Windows? Was it to be a part of Apple's hip marketing campaign? Was it because of the highly recommended multimedia software that comes standard with every machine? Was it for security in the face of a continual onslaught of spyware and malware, i.e. viruses? Was it because of MacBook's sleek, modern design?

For me, the answer is simply to step out of my comfort zone and become more Apple-friendly; and the only way I think that I will be able to do that is to drive one regularly.


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